Various make / models of canoe are available with in the club, from a small 8 foot canoe with a single seat up to 17 foot ones with 3 seats, there is bound to be one which you will be comfortable in.

Whilst the “boat” remains the same, the “canoe” is known by various names, open canoe, Indian canoe and Canadian canoe, but one thing they are not is a Kayak.

Traditional wood






3 layer plastic in traditional style, between 8 and 17 foot in length and 26 – 36 inch wide.  Canoes less than 15 foot in length are paddled solo, between 15 and 16 foot normally paddled solo but can be paddled by two people.

17 foot and above are normally paddled by a team of two paddlers.



canoe paddles come in various materials and lengths, a single bladed paddle is normally used in all but the narrowest canoes.